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Trading the Options Market for Beginners

This course teaches you everything from the very basics of options and how to navigate the market with confidence. In this course, you will learn:

  • The motivations and goals of options buyers and sellers.
  • The benefits (and unique challenges) that come from options trading.
  • The essence of optionality. Examples in the “real world” that make options trading very practical and much easier to understand.
  • Examples of options trades, including entry, holding, and closing.
  • The elements of standardized options. Everything that you need to know about expiration dates, strike prices, order types, order tickets, exercise and assignment.
  • How to navigate vertically and horizontally relative to the underlying market to understand why and how options change in value. 
  • Basic Options Profile Analysis 
  • The Major Greeks. How to understand why options are changing in value.
  • Concavity and Convexity. How and why acceleration of price can negatively and positively impact your profits and losses.
  • Impact of Implied Volatility. See risk where others don’t so you don’t get wiped out when they do.

$2,000 Value

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The Bottom Line Trading Course

Many traders learn everything they need to be profitable, but they leave a few poor practices in their trading -- robbing them of the ability to be net profitable.

The purpose of this training program is to teach you how to overcoming the five major enemies of achieving a Net Profit from your trading.

Traders often--mistakenly--believe that something is missing from their trading, when the reality is that the path to profits may be much shorter by removing one of more of these five enemies.

You’ll also see a very practical example of finding and testing an edge.

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Group Mentoring and Chat

Learn alongside options traders from around the world including serious independent and seasoned professional options traders.

Accelerate your discovery of profitable options trading techniques by discussing real time opportunities and receiving valuable personal feedback along the way.

Watch the full library of on-demand group mentoring recordings so that you can catch up on your own schedule.

Access the full time chat to get the answers and support you need while building valuable relationships with other serious options traders.

ACV Options Strategy Updates

The ACV trading strategy is a hybrid model for momentum and market neutral income. It is deployed in the options on Gold futures (symbol GC) and Crude Oil futures (CL).

*Statistics of the strategy:

  • 28.9% *Annual Return on Allocation
  • 9.26% Maximum Drawdown on Allocation
  • 116% *Annual Return on Estimated Margin (high efficiency)
  • 3.20 Average annual return / max drawdown (aRet/MDD)
  • 65% *Win Rate (High for a momentum-based system)
  • 29 Day Average Trade Hold
  • $8,000 Recommended Minimum Allocation

RVS Options Strategy Updates

The RVS trading strategy implements the “all weather”portfolio concept using broad based index options. Bullish, bearish and market neutral conditions are all addressed using options on the S&P 500 (symbol SPX), Russell 2000 (symbol RUT) and the S&P 500 VIX S/T Futures ETN (symbol VXXB).

*Statistics of the strategy:

  • *24.5% Annual Return on Allocation
  • 8.33% Maximum Drawdown on Allocation
  • *47% Annual Return on Estimated Max Risk
  • 2.95 Average annual return / max drawdown (aRet/MDD)
  • *64% Win Rate (High rate for a momentum-based system)
  • 17 Day Average Trade Hold
  • $40k Recommended Minimum Allocation


We continue to innovate and develop new strategies and provide members with timely and detailed updates of each and every trade.

These strategies are traded live in funded accounts by professional traders. You can follow along trade-by-trade with the precise entry and exit alerts.

This allows you to benefit from the years that an entire team of traders put into building these powerful strategies starting today.

Learn How to Become a Funded Trader

We've raised millions of dollars to trade systematic options strategies and we've helped many traders launch their trading careers.

You can either get advice on how to raise capital on your own, or join our incubator funding program* to launch your funded trading career even faster.

*there is a separate cost for the incubator funding program

Trade Like a Pro

Built by and for professional options traders. Learn the types of strategies that we trade for ourselves and our clients. Apply what we do either to your own trading or to launch and grow your professional trading career.

Skip the Trial and Error

Tired of guessing which trades and strategies are right for the current market? Learn what works -- and why -- so you can confidently and consistently face any market with the ability to generate high risk-adjusted returns.

The Support You Need

Do you have questions about how to grow your career or need help testing a new strategy idea? Our group of serious individual and seasoned pro traders is ready to collaborate with you and support you on your path.


It is the only place I know to deep-dive into the development process and testing of valuable systematic trading systems for immediate live use. Contribute back as well, as I did, and you will get invaluable feedback... as I did.

–Don Brady

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

After you start your membership, you will receive access to all training materials, the full-time chat room, and live weekly meetings, and strategy updates. We recommend that you start with the 3-part orientation series, and browse the education library to get a sense of where you may want to start spending more time to improve your trading.

How do I join?

Fill out the form on this page to get started. Your subscription will give you instant access to all training, mentoring, and strategies.

I don't live in the US, is that a problem?

We cover strategies in equities, indexes, commodities, and futures that can be traded just about anywhere in the world that you can find an internet connection.

I'm not sure if this is right for me?

Spend a month with us. It's a small investment and you will receive education worth many times your investment in just the first month. If you don't agree, you can cancel anytime and receive a pro rata refund of your unused time during your first month.

How do I get strategy updates?

The strategy updates are delivered to all active members via email and through our chat application. You will be linked to a page that provides the details along with the updated stats for the strategy. This allows you to know the context of the past and recent performance of the strategy as you follow trade-by-trade.

There is simply no better way to become a consistently profitable options trader.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, we can help you make meaningful progress to achieve your goals in the options market through our training, mentoring, and strategies.

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