Target Volatility Tip

You can use recent historic volatility to help you be more consistently profitable in your trading and investing. This video will show you proof using 20 years of market data. This is a simple tool that you can begin using immediately to take less risk and have more consistent returns. Send me an email with …

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Value Watch: BGS vs. BYND

While Beyond Meat (BYND) continues to dominate much of the Wall Street’s attention, another food stock has come up on our value watch radar.  BYND is currently priced at 13 PB (Price to Book Value); which is down from an inflated 40 PB after its IPO. Meanwhile B&G Foods (BGS) is currently priced at a …

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What Is True Diversification?

I often reference the concept of True Diversification to my clients and fellow traders.  Which often brings back questions about the meaning of that term. First we’ll contrast true diversification to traditional diversification, which is simply owning/investing in a lot of different things.  True diversification goes beyond “owning” and brings in short selling, income strategies, directional, multiple time frames, multiple strategy types, …

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Sticking With The Plan

Do you find deploying a strategy challenging?  I do.  This may be because I have to accept the strategy as it is today, not the perfect, pristine baby first imagined.  These last couple of weeks I have spent working on both SSJ and SSK to get them prepared for release. After trading the SSJ live …

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A Week In The Life Of A Portfolio Developer

Many thanks to Bruce Bitner for sharing highlights from his personal trading journal from the past week. I hope you gain insights about what it’s like to explore edges and develop trading strategies. Enjoy!-Andrew Falde I’ve read that sharing your trading journal was a good thing but have resisted…. until now. I will apologize up …

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This is one of my favorite graphics — showing how quickly yesterday’s predictions are forgotten while attention shifts to the next big, bold, and exciting prediction. I have no predictions for you. It’s entirely possible to navigate the market without trying to predict — or trying to predict which experts are going to be right. …

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