A Clear Plan For Traders (HYBRID Personal-Group Mentoring)

We discuss a lot of powerful trading and active investing ideas in our community. Many times it leaves traders with a mix of feeling both excited and overwhelmed.

But when I have the chance to speak with a trader one-on-one, we’re normally able to sort things out and make a clear plan to accomplish their trading and investing goals.

In the past, I have avoided one-on-one mentoring because so much of what we do can be efficiently communicated in a group format.

But the reality is that some issues simply require personalized attention.

So, I have decided to begin a new Hybrid program to provide a combination of both Personal and Group mentoring for traders.

I’ve actually been doing this for a while now with a handful of traders. And the outcomes are too good to ignore. Three traders who I have worked with personally in the past year went from losing money in their personal accounts to winning in funded accounts. Another trader completely switched over from neurotic day trading to managing a portfolio of swing trading systems that fits his style and personality much better.

Your story will be different because everyone is starting from a different place and has a different set of skills, experiences, and goals.

I believe that implementing this Hybrid program is going to help a lot of traders break through to the next level.

And, because I’m so excited about this and committed to making it a roaring success, I’ve literally ended some previous commitments that I had and have re-arranged my schedule and business to work more closely with the traders in our community.

So, here’s what the official Hybrid Personal-Group Mentoring program includes:

52 live weekly group mentoring web meetings per year
12 monthly personal mentoring calls to assess your trading and investing progress, answer questions, and update your plan for continued improvement.
Access to our 60+ hour on-demand library of past group mentoring meetings
On-demand training programs for trading and investing
All of our strategy rules for trading stocks, options, futures, and commodities
And access to our full time group chat and support
This is ideal for both individuals and professionals who trade and invest in stocks, options, futures, and commodities and feel they would benefit from having a combination of strategies, group interaction, plus personal accountability and support.

If you signed up for everything separately, the total cost would be over $7,700 per year.

But for the rest of December 2019, you can pay just $4,750 for a full year of access to everything that’s included with Hybrid Personal-Group Mentoring.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full year… no problem, you can try Hybrid Personal-Group Mentoring month-to-month for just $475, which is still a significant savings of $170/month. Then, if you decide to commit, you can switch to annual anytime for the additional savings.

(Note: if you’re already a member, you just pay the difference to add-on everything included with Hybrid Personal-Group Mentoring)

Please understand that, due to the limited time for personal one-on-one calls, this really is a limited opportunity and may not be available in the future.

If you have any questions about Hybrid Personal-Group Mentoring, then send me a personal email or text and I’ll be happy to answer your questions to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Andrew Falde
E-mail andrew@faldetrading.com / Text: 1-239-839-1464

If you’re ready to lock in your spot in Hybrid Personal-Group Mentoring, then click the appropriate link below.

>> 4,750 annual (annual savings of 2,990)

>> 475 monthly (annual savings of 2,040)

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